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Graded readers

Our graded readers offer carefully structured, developmental, phonics-based reading practice. Familiar vocabulary and sentence patterns enable rapid reading progress. Attractive, clear and detailed illustrations facilitate knowledge acquisition and understanding. The graded readers can be utilised during group-guided, paired and independent reading.

About Vula Bula

The Vula Bula resources make learning to read in African languages easy! Vula Bula is the first graded reading programme in African languages where progression from level to level is based on the phonics of each language.

The name Vula Bula connects with all our African languages:

  • Vula means ‘open’ in isiXhosa, isiZulu, isiNdebele, Siswati and Tshivenḓa.

  • Bula means ‘open’ in Setswana, Sesotho and Sepedi. Vula also means ‘speak’ in Xitsonga. By opening our books, we hope that children will aspire to read, write, and express their thoughts and feelings, while at the same time open their minds to the pleasure of books and lifelong learning.