There are 8 full colour A3* Big Books in the pack. Each Big Book is also available as a single unit. The Big Book stories use the same illustrations as the graded readers. The key difference is that the Big Book stories are read aloud by the teacher. These texts contain rich vocabulary and advanced language structures that are above the reading level of the learners. The graded reader texts, on the other hand, were developed specifically to practise and develop learners’ decoding and reading skills. Each Big Book contains four read-aloud stories. The stories are enjoyable and interesting, and are relevant to the children’s own lives. Learners experience the pleasure of story reading, which will help to inspire them to become lifelong readers

Teachers should make the stories as exciting as possible by reading aloud with expression, varying inflection, tone, pitch and pace, and using different voices for different characters. Teachers should also use the full colour illustrations to create a shared reading experience that develops learners’ visual literacy and interpretation skills, prediction and inferential skills, and critical and creative thinking skills.
NOTE: In most cases, Big Books 1-4 are linked to the Grade 1 readers, and Big Books 5-8 are linked to the Grade 2 readers