How many readers do I need to order for Grade 3?

Here is the Pack suggestion for Grade 3 teachers based on how many children are in their class:

Grade 3

Classroom Pack A

Classroom Pack B

Classroom Pack C








30 learners

31-40 learners

41-50 learners


Learners are required to complete two readers per term. Readers A and B are at the same level, so half the class begins with Reader 1A and the other half of the class begins with Reader 1B. The first learner(s) in each group to complete their readers swap with each other, and so on through the terms.

How many readers do I need to order for Grade 1 and 2?

Not every child needs a copy of each of the 32 readers.

Instead, a few copies of each title at each star level are ordered depending on number of learners (see table below). Some of the children will start with one title in a star level, while other children start with different stories of the same star level. Only a certain number of children are reading the same story at once. Once a learner has finished with their book, they can swap books with another learner in the class who has also finished. The read and swap process is repeated until the learner has finished all of the titles in a star level. Reading records are used to assess comprehension of the story and also to keep track of which readers have been completed.


Below is the number of Packs suggestion for Grade 1 teachers based on how many children are in their class:


3 Library Packs

4 Library Packs


5 Library Packs


1 Classroom Pack (6 copies of each title)


It costs the same amount to buy 5 Library Packs as it does for a Classroom Pack so you might as well buy a Classroom Pack and keep one copy of each book in your school library.


18 learners

19-24 learners

25-30 learners

31-36 learners





21 learners


22-28 learners


29-35 learners



36-42 learners





24 learners

25-32 learners

33- 40 learners

41-48 learners


21-30 learners

31-40 learners

41 -50 learners

51 -60 learners


  • Grade 1 teachers are encouraged to buy the full set of all 32 readers for learners to progress through.
  • Grade 2 teachers may not want to order 1 or 2 star level books as they are below the level that a Grade 2 should be reading at. In this case, it is not cheaper to buy a Pack:

Example: 40 learners Grade 2 Setswana

(5 Library Packs) 5 copies each of all 32 titles @ R18 a copy = R2880

5 copies each of 19 titles @ R20 a copy = R1900

  • However, it is possible for a Grade 2 learner to not be at 3 star level 3 yet, and may need to read the previous star levels before they are ready for the star level 3.
  • Please refer to the back covers of the readers to see exactly how many titles there are at each star level so you are able to calculate numbers in accordance with the needs of your class.

What is the difference between a Library Pack and a Classroom Pack?

It is cheaper to order books in Packs rather than individually:

Grade 1/2

  • A Library Pack is 1 copy of each of the 32 readers at a reduced rate.
  • A Classroom Pack is 6 copies of each of the 32 readers at a reduced rate.

Grade 3

  • Classroom Pack A is 15 copies of each reader.
  • Classroom Pack B is 20 copies of each reader.
  • Classroom Pack C is 25 copies of each reader.

What is the Star level rating?

Graded Readers
Grade 1 1 and 2 star readers
Grade 2 3 stars and up
Grade 3

Reader 1A/1B

Reader 2A/2B



Reader 4A/4B


  • Learners needs to read and understand all the books at each level, including mastering the relevant phonics and sight words, before they can progress to the next level.

  • It is possible for a Grade 2 learner to not be ready for 3 star level yet, and may need to read the previous star levels before they are at star level 3.

  • Grade 3 books are divided in difficulty by term. Learners must start with Term 1 A/B before moving on to the Term 2 A/B readers, and so on.

Does Molteno offer training and support on how to use the materials?

  • For a fee, a trainer can come to your school and train your Foundation Phase teachers to use these specific Vula Bula materials

  • For a lesser fee, you can book a session over the phone/ Skype with a trainer who will talk you through how to use the materials/answer any specific questions you may have

  • Queries about the materials can also be emailed through to info@molteno.co.za

Why choose Molteno Materials?

  • The materials are carefully structured for early, emergent, and fluent readers.

  • The materials are not translated but rather based on the specific orthographical building blocks as well as a natural progression of phonics learning for each target language.

  • In each reader, there is explicit instruction for successful decoding, as well as reading activities related to the story to improve comprehension.

Is Discount Offered?

Orders amounting to a value of R500 000 or more qualify for a 30% discount.

What is the Warehouse Address?

Isle of Houghton Office Park, Old Trafford 2: Ground Floor, 11 Boundary Road, Houghton, Johannesburg

Click here for directions!

What are the Contact Details of the Ordering Team?


Ntiyiso Ngobeni
Grace Raselingwane

+ 27 11 484 6245

What is Molteno’s Return Policy?

We want you to be happy with your purchase. If you are not completely satisfied, you can return the books/materials to us and we will either replace it, or credit your account, subject to the below terms:

  • The books/materials are undamaged and unused,
  • You log a return on the Website within 30 days of delivery to you or collection by you of the unwanted product.

Note: Clients are required to cover the extra delivery cost/s associated with the return/exchange of the books/materials provided that the original conditions of the order where met! If we accidentally delivered the wrong order to you, please notify us and we will collect the books/materials from you at no charge. Once we have validated your return, we will at your choice deliver the correct books/materials to you as soon as possible (if the correct product is available); or credit your account with the purchase price of the product within 10 days of the return (or refund you if that is your preference).

What is the Standard Delivery Time?

We'll always offer you the fastest possible options for your order.

  • Courier (next day service) * Additional charges apply!
  • Courier (freight method) – 5/7 working days
  • The Molteno driver – 2/3 working days
  • Collection from Molteno warehouse – Same day (provided payment has been received!)

What are my delivery options and how much does it cost?

  • Courier (freight method)
  • Courier (next day service) * Additional charges apply!
  • The Molteno driver delivers to main centres throughout Gauteng
  • Free delivery for orders over R2000
  • Actual courier charges apply to orders less than R2000

When will payment of my EFT or cash deposit be received?

When paying by Instant EFT, Credit or Debit Card there will be no waiting period before your payment is received and your order is authorised.

Cash deposits at a bank: Please use your customer name and invoice number or order number as reference. Deposits made before 12 noon should be processed on the same day, alternatively the following morning. We are dependent on the banks so system delays may occur.

Electronic Fund Transfer Please customer name and invoice number or order number as reference. If you bank with Standard Bank, deposits made before 12 noon should be processed on the same day, alternatively the following morning. Transfers made from any other bank will (in most cases) reflect the following day, but can take up to 48 hours.

What are my payment options?

  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card
  • Instant EFT
  • Electronic Fund Transfer
  • Direct Deposit

How do I buy something from the Molteno website?

Step 1: Find the product you wish to buy

When you find books/materials that interests you, click the title or name of the product to see its details, including availability and dispatch estimate times.


Step 2: Add to cart

Found the books and materials you want to buy? Click on Add to cart. Your shopping cart contains all the books/materials that you have selected to buy. Once you’ve added a product to your shopping cart, you can go back and keep searching and adding to your cart. You can access the contents of your shopping cart at any time by clicking on the cart button at the top right of any page on the Molteno website.
You can also add products to your Wish List, which is a handy list of all the products that you do not want to check out with immediately, or which are out of stock but that you want to remember for later. You can move products between your shopping cart and your Wish List. Products have to be in your shopping cart for you to check out.


Step 3: Check out

To enter checkout, go to your shopping cart and click on the ‘Proceed to Checkout’ button. You will now be prompted to log in or register, if you are not already logged in.

What do I if I’ve forgotten my password?

Click on the ‘forgot password’ feature if you’ve forgotten your password. Add your email address and a password reset link will be sent to your email address to reset/change your password.

How do I register?

The Molteno website and programme sites such as Vula Bula will all be accessible to without the requirement to login. Only when orders are to be placed or to download high resolution files, will you be requested to login. Click here to register!The registration form will require the following information:

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Once registration is submitted, an email confirmation will be sent to you to verify your email address and to activate the account.